Sweet Face Older Orangutan

really sweet photo of orangutan posing for photo with smiling faceSuch a sweet face on this orangutan. Seriously how friendly does it look. And i just love the hair!

Scratch me just here - thats the spot

funny photo of young orangutan scratching its motherNice to have a young orangutan around to get to those hard to reach places. Hang on, they have such long arms, they should be able to scratch themselves.

Relaxing in the Jungle

two young orangutans relaxing in the jungle pictureThese young orangutans just need a rest. Its been a hard day playing in the jungle for them.

Over Here Orangutan

funny pic of waving orangutan at the zooHey! Im over here. I wonder if he wants something, or just is posing for the photo.

Six Orangutan Babies in a Barrow

six really cute orangutans being carried in a barrowI count six babies in this barrow, and one on the back of the keeper. Wow. I am constantly amazed at how cute these little orangutans can be.

Orangutans at the Zoo

two orangutan photo sitting at the zooGreat deep red coats on these Orangutans, they do look healthy. Im not sure what they have clibmed, but they cant escape the camera.

Just Hanging Around

orangutan pics older hanging in tree in jungleThis orangutan is just hanging around. Peaceful life for him.