Bulldog & Baby Orangutan Zoo

I just love this. A bulldog looking after a baby orangtuan. Some things are just so cute.

South Korean Orangutan Soccer Fans

funny orangutan photos soccer fans from south korea cute The South Korean orangutan soccer fan looks really happy. Im not sure who the other guy supports, but it looks like his team is losing. Sorry buddy. Thats a funny photo,

Odd Looking Playing Orangutans

cute and funny playing orangutans who look just a little odd These orangutans look just a little odd. I think its probably because they are playing. They do know how to have a lot of fun dont they?

Really Funny Orangutans Drinking Tap

really funny orangutans photo drinking form tap while other one turns it on for him This is such a classic photo. Not only is one orangutan drinking from the tap, but the other one is turning it on for him! Just perfect teamwork. How funny is this?

Really Cute Orangutan Baby & Mother

really cute orangutan baby on the ropes with mother posing for photo I just love this photo of the little orangutan baby on the ropes. And love it how they know exactly where the camera is. Even at such a young age they are so aware of what is going on around them.

Orangutan Staring Contest Photo

funny orangutan photo in a staring contest with kids at the zoo It does look like this Orangutan is having a starting contest or competition with these kids at the zoo. I wonder who won? Orangutans do have a lot of patience, so my money is on him.

Kiss Me Orangutan Cutie Photo

really cute orangutan planting a kiss on girl photo What more could you want from life than to be kissed on the cheek by an Orangutan wearing a Pink T-Shirt. This girl doesnt look too happy about it. Ahh, affectionate cute orangutans.

Gorgeous Baby Orangutan Pic With Humidicrib

really cute photo of orangutam baby in hospital with humidicrib
Yes, not only has ths cute orangutan baby made it out his humidicrib, he has climbed out of his cot too! Those monkey bars wernt going to keep him in! What a beautiful little orangutan in the hospital.

Swinging Spear Fishing Orangutan

funny orangutan photo spear fishing in river and swinging It really does look like this Orangutan is spear fishing. Perhaps he is. I just love the way he is swinging from the tree, and hanging on with feet and arm. Very smart.

Big Open Eyes Orangutqn Baby Hugs Mom

big eyes cute baby orangutan with momMaybe this Orangutan baby looks a little scared. I guess he is just very young and isnt quite sure what is going on.