2 Cute Hanging Orangutan Babies

2 cute young baby orangutans So close together, and so cute. Im sure they are the best of friends.

Hanging Around Orangutan

orangutan photos of young guy just hanging around on rope in enclosure Hanging around, but staying still long enough to pose for the photo.

Baby Orangutan Feeding

fantastic photo of cute young orangutan feeding on milk in baby bottle The eyes on this baby orangutan just capitvate me. I have nothing else to say!

Mother and Child Orangutans

aww photo of really cute mother and child orangutan Arent orangutans just so much like humans? Its hard to think of them in captivity.

Young Hairy Orangutan

photo of young and hairy cute orangutan This orangutan doesnt look so happy, he looks a little sad. I hope the photo caught him in an off moment and he is happy now.

Wide Eyes Orangutan Cutie

really close up photo of big eyes orangutan youngsterBeautiful orangutan eyes here. Another young poser for the photo too!

Orangutan Upside Down

cute face of orangutan upside down photo This Orangutan is just resting upside down. Why not.

Thumbs Up Orangutan Photo

orangutan pics thumbs up older guy Yep, thumbs up to you. Nice for him to pose for the photo. Glad its a nice hand gesture.

3 Baby Orangutans

photo of three cute orangutans in the grass Im always amazed at how affectionate orangutans are to each other. They are so close. This is just too cute for words.

This Big Baby Orangutan

gorgeous cute little baby orangutan photo looks like describing a fish catch I caught a fish this big! Wonder what this little orangutan baby isthinking about. Probably the jungle.

Swinging Orangutan Youngsters

really cute photo of two swinging in the trees young orangutans in the jungle Such strength in these young orangutan arms. Just hanging around and swinging really.

Sweet Face Older Orangutan

really sweet photo of orangutan posing for photo with smiling faceSuch a sweet face on this orangutan. Seriously how friendly does it look. And i just love the hair!

Scratch me just here - thats the spot

funny photo of young orangutan scratching its motherNice to have a young orangutan around to get to those hard to reach places. Hang on, they have such long arms, they should be able to scratch themselves.

Relaxing in the Jungle

two young orangutans relaxing in the jungle pictureThese young orangutans just need a rest. Its been a hard day playing in the jungle for them.

Over Here Orangutan

funny pic of waving orangutan at the zooHey! Im over here. I wonder if he wants something, or just is posing for the photo.

Six Orangutan Babies in a Barrow

six really cute orangutans being carried in a barrowI count six babies in this barrow, and one on the back of the keeper. Wow. I am constantly amazed at how cute these little orangutans can be.

Orangutans at the Zoo

two orangutan photo sitting at the zooGreat deep red coats on these Orangutans, they do look healthy. Im not sure what they have clibmed, but they cant escape the camera.

Just Hanging Around

orangutan pics older hanging in tree in jungleThis orangutan is just hanging around. Peaceful life for him.

I Love You Ball

cute orangutan photo hugging ballThis guy seems awfully attached to this ball. Eyes closed and happy to hold on for dear life. Its his ball, and thats all there is to it.

Orangutan in a Bucket

really funny orangutan photo baby in a bucketWhy is this orangutan baby in a bucket? And what on earth is he eating? Seems happy though.

Young Surprised Orangutan

funny baby orangutan looking surprised big eyesThis orangutan baby looks a little surprised. Perhaps it may be his first time out climbing with his mother.

Mother and Child Orangutan

orangutan photo of mom and babyThese Orangutans dont look much different to the way human mothers care for their babies.

Orangutan Blanket Mother

cute pic of orangutan mother hugging baby in blanketAn Orangutan mother keeping herself and her baby warm. Very practical.

Taking Care of each other Orangutans

young orangutans looking after each other very cute photoThese guys look like they want to take care of each other. Whatever happens, this orangutan family is staying together.

Long Face Baby Orangutan

orangutan photos cute little long face baby with wide brown eyesWhy the long face? Nice for this orangutan baby to pose for a shot, cant say that he is totally happy with having his photo taken, Im sure he would much prefer to get back to playing with his rope.

Let Me in Orangutan

tap orangutan wants to be let in funny photoIm thinking this shot is at the zoo. Im not sure where this hole in the wall goes.

Married Orangutan Couple

great photo of older orangutans who look like a married couple funnyDo Orangutans marry? These guys really do look like husband and wife. They do look pretty content.

More Hugging Orangutans

two young orangutans hugging in forest picMore cute hugging orangutans. What can i say to this? The beauty of these photos is, they are totally unprompted.

Hugging Tiger Orangutan

fantastic photo of baby orangutan and tiger cub hugging and cuddlingIm not sure what it is about Tigers and Orangutans, they must really get along. Strange really, but terribly cute.

Hugging Leg Baby Orangutan

gorgeous photo of orangutan youngster hugging and cuddling a legI don't think it gets much better than this. So cute and so precious. Notice how the hands are hanging on for dear life, but also how the baby orangutan's feet are curled around its human friend.

Hugging Young Orangutans

two cute orangutan photo of babies huggingIts nice to see them get along with each other so well. And dont orangutans love to hug and cuddle. So affectionate.

Hello Orangutan

orangutan photo playing peek a booHello from behind the branch! This Orangutan seems a little curious. Or maybe thats part of his act.

Happy Face Orangutan Baby

really happy looking orangutan cutie chewing on straw picWhat a happy face on this orangutan baby. So cute! I think he is chewing on some straw.

Hanging Forest Baby Orangutan

orangutan cute photo hanging around in the forestIm just hanging around here, and posing for a photo. Just a bit of fun really!

Hanging and Eating Orangutan

orangutan pictures hanging in the jungle and eating cutieThis young orangutan is multi skilled. Hanging around in the forest and eating, while also posing for a photo. Yes, orangutans are very intelligent.

Affectionate Young Orangutans

photo of three affectionate baby orangutans keeping close to the zoo keeperLook how these young orangutans hold on to their human friend. They just adore contact, and build such close relationships. No, i know adoption isnt allowed.

Amazing Cute Orangutan Baby

amazing cute photo of orangutan babyLook at the beautiful eyes. They look so full of hope. Everytime i see a photo of an orangutan i want to adopt one. I dont think im allowed. Dang.

Orangutans Smelling Flowers

really beautiful cute photo of two orangutans cuddling and smelling flowersThere certainly isnt any shortage of cute orangutan pics. Every one seems to be so perfectly amazing. Notice how the arm is around the shoulder. Eeven an orangutan needs to take time out to smell the roses.

Cuddling Orangutan Babies

I think this is one of my favorite orangutan photos. I dont think it gets much cuter than this. These lil orangutans are just so very special.

Cilmbing Orangutan Baby Photo

orangutan pics young guy climbing in treeThis little guy is just getting some exercise. Amazing how agile a young baby orangutan is, doesn't take long till they are climbing and hanging in trees.

Chubby Young Orangutan

cute but sad photo of young and chubby orangutanSeriously, how cute is this chubby young orangutan? He looks a little sad, but im sure it wont last for long.

Poking Tongue Orangutan Cutie

funny orangutan photo poking tongue out through cageI dont like the fact that these orangutans are caged or behind bars, but i am liking this guys personality. I just hope they are at the zoo and not being captured.

Stretching Orangutan Photo

great photo of orangutan having a stretch"Awww, i just needed a big stretch." Its amazing how long an Orangutan's body is at full stretch.

Tiger Cubs and Cute Orangutans

gorgeous cute orangutan photo of tiger cubs and baby orangutansThey seem so happy together, these young orangutans and tiger cubs. I wonder if they will be the same when they are all grown up?

Hanging Orangutan

orangutan pictures hanging around in a treeThis little Orangutan is just hanging around in the tree. Im not sure what he is waiting for. Food maybe? Or just resting.

Baby Cute Orangutan in the Forest

cute baby picture of orangutan in the forest with big brown eyesLook at this Orangutan's beautiful eyes. I think that is one of the first thing you notice, their extremely expressive eyes.